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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Australian Memories – Bamboo


Getting back to photos from our trip to Australia two years ago.  We took hundreds – and no, I’m not going to publish them all, but we saw some amazing things. :-)  The Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt. Coot-tha again.

I included this last picture to give an idea of how tall some of the bamboo is; notice my dad and husband on the path.  That may be the giant bamboo on the right; I can’t remember any more.


  1. Bamboo is amazing to look at - these are amazing photos! Our neighbours are growing bamboo, although I think it's supposed to be a variety that doesn't grow as prolifically as others - it's a bit pathetic-looking, actually (it's short and spindly)! That giant bamboo in your photo is incredibly huge - I don't think I've seen one that big before!

    1. My favorite bamboo will be posting sometime later, but these were really beautiful as well. You should go to the Brisbane Botanic Garden at Mt. Coot-tha. It is free, and it's so lovely up there. Of course, it would probably be best in the spring, as when we went. :-) Some of the flowers were just spectacular!

      There is a kind of bamboo that is grown here too. It is kind of in between in size - perhaps the kind that they used for making fishing rods. It looks nice when it grows in a thick cluster, but it is invasive from what I've heard. It's a lovely bright green with yellow stems. :-)

  2. Those photos are amazing. Was your trip a vacation? What a wonderful opportunity.Have heard that Australia is a beautiful country.

    1. Our trip to Australia in 2013 was a family visit. My brother and his family live north of Brisbane. Since we went to spend time with them, we didn't travel around to see many of the "important" landmarks for which AU is famous. We saw a few local sights, and mostly visited with the family. My husband I were blessed to be able to take my parents over (partly through the generosity of a good family friend). We were there 3 1/2 weeks. The traveling part was a grueling ordeal, though. The flight over the Pacific was just plain crazy in economy class. We "survived". :-)

      I just discovered that you've been in Africa this summer! That's great! My husband and I each spent small parts of our childhood there, so it has a little piece of our hearts. My parents were in Ethiopia and Kenya. His parents were in Cameroon. :-) My parents mostly grew up in East Africa as missionary's kids.