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Friday, August 14, 2015

Sew Happy Friday– Reading Fabric - A Quilty Tutorial


One of the hardest things in quilt making is often figuring out which fabrics to use.  I think we’re more stressed about it with quilts than with craft projects and even clothing because somehow quilts have that image of longevity that makes us realize that our “mistakes” may outlive us for and/or be very apparent to others.  Here is an episode of the Quilty online “show” with Mary Fons that may help with learning to “read” fabric for making a quilt.  Ultimately what is pleasing to the eye is a very personal thing, and what one person sees as beautiful may not be to another.  But, the basic principles and most of the advice in this video should be helpful in determining what is pleasing to your eye.


  1. This sounds really interesting! I don't have time to stop and watch it right now, but I'm definitely coming back to watch it later!! This is something that worries me about making quilts and I end up spending a LOT of time choosing fabrics (not just for quilting, actually - for other sewing projects, too!)...

    1. I hope her ideas help you. They made sense to me. I have to do a lot of thinking to decide what I put together in some cases. Other times it just comes together for me. I don't know why.