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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Update On the Monthly Challenges


After the rather serious post on Sunday, I decided to do something lighter for today, or at least different.  So, here’s an update on some of the things I’ve done in the monthly challenges.

In May the project I finished was to send some promised packages to two friends.  As it turned out, one lady’s elderly mother-in-law was in the hospital with serious problems.  I don’t know if she passed on, but it was a stressful time for my friend.  So, I kind of managed to do both the challenges, sort of.  I’m calling done. :-)

In June I watched the sunset while sitting on the foot of the bed in our new guest room on the last day of the month.  Well, I watched most of it.  My husband came home before it was completely over. :-)  Later that same night we went out and looked at the moon and planets (photo above) which were in an unusual position.

In July I took one day or partial day “off”, but instead of doing something I didn’t have time for I think I just rested.  Well, sometimes that’s what we need, right?  For the other part of the challenge, we planned and took my brother and sister-in-law out to one of our favorite restaurants.  Not a very exciting outing, but it works for me. :-)

This month I ate frog legs.  It was at our favorite seafood restaurant.  They were pretty good with some sauce on them, but not that great alone, and overpriced in my opinion.  Let’s just say I won’t be paying to eat them again if I can help it. :-/   I haven’t studied a country yet, but the month isn’t quite over, so we’ll see. :-)


How about you?  Would anyone like to tell us some of the things they have done for the challenges?  I’d like to hear about it, and I’m sure other readers would be interested too.  It would be especially interesting this month to hear your new food and “new” country adventures. :-)


  1. I really like your attributes that you have. They're really cool. I hope you check out my blog and please follow by email. I am having a Scripture giveaway right now, so I hope you check that out and enter! :) (You will have to go down 3 or 4 posts to see the giveaway.)
    Love in Christ,

    1. I'm not sure what attributes you're talking about, but thank you. :-)
      I'll take a look at your blog.

  2. I ate chicken feet some time ago and found them quite yuck - didn't like the jelly like texture :(( You have been game with the legs, well done!!!!

    1. Thank you! :-) I felt like I was being game too. ;-) I didn't want to search through the grocery store to find something I hadn't eaten before as my parents have fed us a rather broad diet over the years. I probably would have had to make a special trip to some ethnic store to find something. But, I remembered that two local restaurants serve frog legs, and since I'd had those as a toddler and had no recollection of them, I thought that would do. Plus, I felt like I should be a good example to my readers since it was my idea in the first place. :-D hahaha

    2. Come to think of it, I might have found chicken feet in some of our stores here. I didn't think of that...and good thing too, from the sounds of it. Good on you for being brave to try them. :-) I once had the chance to eat snake, but I couldn't get it in my mouth. I ate snails once, but couldn't manage snake!

  3. We ditched our usual schedule and we exploring in a new area this past Sunday (and ended up seeing lovely views and taking a stroll in a rainforest, which was lovely) - I know it's long past July, but we still enjoyed ditching our schedule and doing something different together!! :)

    We haven't had opportunity to try a new food just recently - chicken legs sound awful!
    The children and I have been reading up about Vietnam - which they had not read much at all about before. I haven't had opportunity/time to read about a different country myself, but learning more about Vietnam has been very fascinating :)

    1. From the photos I saw, it looked like a great adventure! :-)
      I got some of my challenges done late too, or barely within the month. :-) But, it still feels good to do different challenges and expand our lives in these ways.

      I studied up on Paraguay. It was interesting, but not as interesting as some countries would be, I'm sure. :-) I didn't know much about it since I didn't study South American history much. Mike had it when we were homeschooling, but since he was behind me in school, I was already past those books.

      Vietnam would be interesting. I should probably study up more on that one as well. :-)

      Thanks for all the comments you left this week!