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Friday, April 10, 2015

Sew Happy Friday– How to Choose Fabric Colors (& A Plug for Craftsy.com)

Here is a great tutorial on how to choose fabric colors.

Quilting Essentials: How to Choose Fabric Color

By the way, Craftsy.com is a great community for learning all kinds of skills from gardening and canning to quilting and tailoring clothing; wood working, photography, baking (even gluten free!), drawing, knitting, cake decorating and more.  There are many free tutorials and patterns available and even a few free classes, but the paid classes are the key feature.  The great part is that they are always available (not just for a year), and you have access to the teachers and fellow classmates so that you can get advice when you encounter a problem.  I’ve found it a very useful means for building skills.  Plus, they have some great sales on classes over the course of the year, so I watch for what I want and seldom pay full price.  Joining is free, so you can sign up and take advantage of the free classes to see if this is for you! 
If you’re a homeschooling family Craftsy could come in very handy!  I would have loved having something like this when I was in high school to add to the curriculum we were using!  There are some courses (especially in the art and photography sections) that I’d obviously not recommend.

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